The objective of SSEDIC.2020 is to provide a platform for all the stakeholders of eID (electronic identity) to work together and collaborate. SSEDIC.2020 builds on the success of SSEDIC .

SSEDIC.2020 will expand on existing SSEDIC themes, support the implementation of the SSEDIC recommendations, provide advisory and project validation services and promote international liaison and knowledge sharing.

As a first step SSEDIC.2020 will focus on mobile identity. Via its Global Partner Initiative, SSEDIC.2020 will foster cooperation between an increasing number of stakeholders to:

  • Develop a truly global vision for mobile identity
  • Encourage global information and best practice sharing
  • Promote global standardization and interoperability for mobile identity

SSEDIC.2020 will develop strategic actions plans responding to eIDAS and the SSEDIC recommendations for

  • government and EC encouragement
  • private sector adoption
  • harmonizing mobile authentication mechanisms suitable for eID use
  • coordinated approach to education in the mobile identity domains

SSEDIC.2020 is currently recruiting new partners and associates. To register use the link below

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